Simply…. traditional…… Marmite on toasted bread….

The recession that we have been in … are in, has made the cost of living go absolutely sky high.  As a result my weekly grocery shopping bills have over doubled in cost over the last six years.  I am now very conscious of ‘no wastage’ when it comes to food, and as a result I am discovering very simple and traditional food, that can be made from leftovers, and which is extremely tasty.  Probably more tasty than dishes that I have slaved for hours over to prepare and cook.

Today my most simply traditional snack made from leftovers… and bloody tasty!!…………………

On the kitchen counter is a discarded crusty roll, bought on Sunday, one of a pack of four crusty rolls and forgotten about.. until today .. three days later almost.  Was  it going to get wasted?  No…. I’ve just had the most delicious and cheap snack.  The leftover roll (which would have been destined for the birds in times of no recesssion!) was torn roughly in half, and then toasted in the toaster.  Because of its uneveness it charred slightly on the edges (the smell of slightly burning toast in the kitchen, which smelt heavenly actually).  But this  made for a magnificent pallette for the large dollop of salted Devon butter which I then roughly and unevenly daubed on the toasted, what had been stale, bread roll.

I then searched the fridge, did I want to put salad on it, did I want to put jam on it….?  I shut the fridge and went straight to the food cupboard.  What it needed was MARMITE.

A large smearing scooped out of the jar and roughly and unevenly applied to the hot buttered toasted half of roll. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

It was delicious, and …. simply traditional


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