Summer’s Evening Salad


What superb weather we’re having.  Tonight is truly a real English summer’s evening.  The balmy breeze after the heat of the day and time to relax on the patio.  I don’t much feel like being in the hot kitchen, so I rustled up a salad with tender leaves, baby plum tomatoes, celery, radishes and avocado, topped with olive oil soaked and baked crusty bread croutons, torn into large pieces and drizzled and tossed in a warm mustard, olive oil and honey dressing.  Served with some warm sausage rolls and a dollop of Branston Pickle.  Mmmmmm, and washed down with a dry white wine spritzer.  Now time to watch the sun setting over the cow peppered meadows!  I love English summers and the simplicity of salad dishes.