I’m quite excited as I’ve seen a great house to buy.  Me and my partner need to get on the housing ladder … but want a project… to be creative …. and make a bit of money to buy a place that really suits us for a long term home.  We’ve looked at a few  houses and have only instantly fallen for two, one of which we lost.  And then I saw this house, not a pretty house… but there was something about it.  It made me want to know  more about it, and having looked at it we instantly knew ‘this was the place’.  A great refurb project but to enjoy doing it and make it a home, but with a view to sell it within two years and make a bit of of money to move on somewhere else.  My other half is a builder… so free knowledge, skill and labour !  Makes the project cheaper but gives us a new life. For years in rented accommodation we could only talk and dream of refurbishing the home we lived in and didn’t own, so we couldn’t ever pursue our dreams. Having put in an offer on this house we have seen, and having had it accepted, we wanted to find out more about the house, and have found out some really interesting facts.. makes it even more a project. I have been researching the history from when it was built (1899).  We had thought it was built in 1903, making it Edwardian (although we initially thought it was a 1920s house when we first saw it).  However, in the process of our buying it, legal documents have shown it to be Late Victorian, and this is such an interesting period in history with regard to house design and interior design and history in general.  We can’t wait to put the character back into the house with a modern twist, respecting the social influences and design of era. Really excited. I’m not posting any pictures yet, because we haven’t exchanged contracts yet and I don’t want to tempt fate by getting too excited.  Watch this space.. I hope to blog about this quirky house in the months to come!  🙂


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