About Me

I love everything that is simple, traditional and past times – food, the seaside, wildlife, celebrations, the countryside, customs, songs, sayings and superstitions – to name but a few. I particularly have a passion for my native British culture and the customs, thoughts and practices that have been handed down from generation to generation over hundreds of years. I also have a deep interest in the traditions of other countries and cultures. It is these traditions which gives unique identity to a country and a culture, and it is intriguing how many hundreds and thousands of customs and beliefs are traditions in any country. Tradition tends to be simple and uncomplicated; however, traditions often have a very deep moral message. Sadly, many traditions are fading out or being forgotten in this busy, modern, commercially driven world and I find that this is driving me to look around my environment more to explore which traditions do still exist, but which we choose to ignore. Many traditions have deep moral messages. Every day I see or hear about things which are steeped in tradition, which fascinates and intrigues me, and I will explore these on my Blog.


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